Professional solar panel cleaning Services

Solar panels should sit passively on your roof, generating electricity throughout the seasons. But, they do need some care and maintenance from time to time to ensure they continue working at their maximum efficiency level.

Have you noticed your solar panels are grimy and your electrical output has dropped away? You may find there is a simple solution.

A professional solar panel cleaning service!

As part of our service, we come to your house or place of business with our specialist safety equipment, cleaning tools and purified water. We can reach all heights of solar panels. We’ll remove any grime from each module to ensure they are working at their maximum efficiency. All you need to do is contact us to arrange a visit.

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Did you know…

Keeping your solar panels clean will maximise your electricity generation capabilities. Dirty solar panels can decrease solar panel efficiency by 5-10%. And if one module has reduced efficiency due to debris coverage, it will affect the output of all the panels in the set.


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More reasons for having your solar panels cleaned professionally


We have the correct health and safety equipment to access your roof safely and clean your solar panels.



Check your guarantee! Many top manufacturers will void warranties on solar panels if they are not kept completely clean.



We use purified water and a specialised brush head to ensure absolutely no damage occurs while your solar panels are cleaned.



Solar panel cleaning removes leaves, lichen, pollen and tree sap, dust, debris and bird faeces which will affect the efficiency of your solar panels.



Keeping your solar panels clean will maximise their lifespan and prevent individual modules from staining.



We hold £10 million of public liability insurance for your peace of mind.


We offer a FREE quote, so give us a call today.

Not just solar panel cleaning!

We don’t just clean solar panels. We clean windows too! If you would like us to take care of both, we can add solar panel cleaning to your window cleaning schedule then you’ll never need to remember to book it.

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